What is VEG MART?
We eat food laced with poison every day. Even when we buy fresh produce marketed to us as organic, as most of us know, a fairly large percentage of that is not really organically grown. The increased occurrence of diseases such as cancer, is a direct result of this.
On the other hand, our farmers are in great distress. Dwindling incomes along with production, distribution and financing inefficiencies have made it impossible for Indian farmers to earn living wages predictably. As a result, they are resorting to using more and more chemicals to reduce their risk and stop their income from falling.
So, we provide VEG MART where everyone Grow your own fresh, chemical-free food. In a mini-farm you control.
Here we are provided some area which is necessary for customers that how we work and how we contact with each other.
What’s the size of my mini-farm?
The Size of the mini farm may vary based on the partner farm that you choose and it’s mentioned in the farm listing in the app. Most common sizes supported by our point with our current partner farmers are 500 square feet.
How much does this Cost?
The cost for a subscription may vary based on the partner farm that you choose. Most common price point with our current partner farmers is 2000/- per month.
How Often Can I visit my mini-farm?
You can visit up to 10 farm visits every month via the app.
Can I change my growing plan?
Yes, we allow up to a maximum of 10 changes to your growing plan every month- much more than what you would need.
What happens if a crop fails?
The reality of farming, is that crops sometimes fail because of factors not under the control like flood situation, or a terrible pest attack. We cannot remove the risk but we will try to manage.
How many vegetables can I grow at a time?
Each mini-farm is divided into 10 beds, and you can grow a different vegetable in each of them
How many varieties of vegetables do you support?
The number of vegetables that are supported vary based on the specific region of India you are in and the season.
Will I be able to see in the app?
You will see photos, videos, activity updates for everything that happens with your vegetables watering, weeding, organic fertilizer, pest control etc.
IF I choose a new vegetable to be planned in one of the beds.
Yes, you can change but once you choose a new vegetable to be planted in a bed in your farm, the bed enters into a work-in-progress stage and the implemented your change in the next 72 hours.
Can I change my Delivery address?
Yes, you change your delivery address through the app but your new address location should be services-able by our delivery service.
When will you deliver?
We will deliver your harvest weekly to you and you have also chosen ‘’I will Pick up” option. Our delivery executive will call you before arriving at your place.
How does the subscription to a mini-farm work?
If your first payment was on 10th of January, your next payment due date will be 10th of February. In order to continue to receive Veg Mart. You need to ensure your total subscription dues are paid up on or before the payment due date for each subscription period.
How do I pay?
You can pay via online payment gateway partners- debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets and UPI
What happens if I miss my payment due date?
When you miss the due date for payment, your farm is released into a pool for allocating to new customers.
What happens to my crops after my subscription ends?
Once your subscription expired, your farm is released for other consumers to book. Once your farm is released, and is booked by another customers, it’s their prerogative on what they want to do with any existing plants

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